Seat Height Adjustment
Sanitize with Every Flush
Control the Settings with Your Smartphone
LED Lights for Effortless Night Use
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Orca Helix:
The Newest in Toilet Technology

Orca Helix brings modern innovation to the toilet – an invention that hasn’t been changed in over 100 years.

Whether you are ergonomics and health conscious, hygiene driven or simply want a design forward bathroom, this is the toilet you didn't know you have been waiting for.

Led Lights

Orca Helix has a sensitive night light that activates in the darkness. With Orca Helix you can use your restroom without turning the light on, which makes sure that there will be no disruption in your melatonin production.

This feature allows you to continue your sleep peacefully and is great for users with mobility issues and children, who normally would have problems reaching the light switch.

Seat Height Adjustment

Experience New Degrees of Freedom - With Orca Helix you can choose your preferred seating height.

Adjust the seat as you like, from as low as 10 inches off the floor all the way up to 21 inches height. Orca Helix lifts up to 300 pounds and shifts positions in less than 15 seconds. It is perfect for the people with mobility issues, as it can assist with getting up from the seat.

Sanitize with Every Flush

Don't worry about the germs. Orca Helix automatically cleans and sanitizes the seat with every flush as well as eliminates all the germs from the bowl with UV light. Orca Helix also uses a bidet feature so you can save trees by cutting down your toilet paper usage.

Orca Helix uses patented vacuum assisted technology for flushing, which will cut your flushed water to under 0.6 gallons. An average toilet uses 3.6 gallons of water with every flush.

Product Installation & Warranty

Installation of Orca Helix is simple. You'll just have to install Orca Helix toilet ring, place Orca Helix on top of it and secure the base with special screws we will supply you with. The only requirements are cold water and a 110V plug.

The electrical motor controllers have been designed and developed to support the unique features of Orca Helix. Our home made PCB, the brain of Orca, allows you to enjoy all the features flawlessly.

Orca Helix comes with a 5 year warranty and all of its mechanical and electrical components come with UL certificate 10 000+ hours.

Orca helix features


Orca Helix's seat can be adjusted for your preferred height and it will assist you with getting up should you want to. It is perfect for people who have problems either in lowering themselves to the seat or getting up from it.

Maelstrom Flush

With technology similar to that of airplanes', Orca Helix's patented vacuum assisted flush will save gallons of water with every flush. Orca Helix's one flush uses water less than 0.6 gallons where as an average toilet uses 3.6 gallons per flush.

Bluetooth Connection

Control all functions with your phone. Orca Helix even tells you when it's in use!

Built-in Speakers

Listen to your playlist in the bathroom while you are taking a bath, showering or getting ready for a night out.